Short Story: Taffy Finds a Frog

Short Story: Taffy Finds a Frog

Taffy plopped down onto a log at the edge of the pond and plunked her paws into the cold water. She sighed in relief, wiggling her tail with delight. She’d been walking for hours without finding a town. At this rate she might have to turn back the way she came. She frowned at the thought.

Well, she could worry about that later. For now she swung her legs back and forth, splashing the water. Droplets splattered against her floral patterned dress.

“This would be more fun with a friend,” she sighed.


Taffy jumped and looked up to find a large frog squatting on the log beside her.

Croak, it said again.


an illustration of taffy cat and pod the frog sitting on a log at the edge of a pond. Taffy Cat is a calico cat with green eyes wearing a green floral dress. She is smiling while she kicks her feet in the water of the pond. Pod the frog is a big green frog with a lazy expression. Behind them are several tall trees and bushes.

“Hello!” said Taffy.

Croooooak, went the frog.

Taffy giggled. “What’s your name?”

The frog blinked at her.

“Hmmm. You don’t have one? I can pick one for you.” She thought for a moment. “How about… Pea? ‘Cause you’re green.”

The frog blinked again.

“Okay, you’re right. That’s a terrible name.” She thought some more. “How about Pod, then? That sounds more like a name, doesn’t it.”


“Great! Well, Pod, I’m Taffy. It’s nice to meet you!”

Taffy held out a paw. Pod only stared at it.

“I guess frogs don’t do handshakes,” said Taffy, and stuck her paw into her pocket instead.

A fat raindrop plunked down on her head. Taffy looked up to see thick grey clouds forming in the sky. Another raindrop fell and hit her in the eye as she stared.

“Great,” she muttered, rubbing her eye. “Now what do I do?”

Pod croaked loudly beside her and leapt down from the log. He started to hop away from the pond. After a moment he paused and seemed to look back at her.

Taffy got up from the log as rain started to pour in earnest.

“Where are you going?” she asked the frog. “The pond is back there.”

Crooooak. Pod continued hopping towards the trees. Taffy hurried after him. She followed him back into the forest, stumbling over tree roots as she went. The rain fell steadily, soaking her fur and her floral-print dress. Pod sped up, and she had to run to keep him in sight. The ground beneath her feet felt more stable, and she noticed with surprise that they had started following a path.

Pod stopped.

Taffy stumbled to a halt behind him and gazed in surprise.

There was a sign. A big billboard that read, ‘Welcome to Catmint Village’. A cluster of purple flowers was painted underneath.

Beyond the sign rose several buildings. Small but sturdy, painted white. A town!

Taffy sighed in relief. She scooped Pod up in her arms and scampered under a brightly striped awning that hung in front of a shop. Sinking down to sit on the cobbled pavement, she cuddled Pod close. He was damp and a bit smelly, but so was she.

“What a clever frog you are,” she murmured, as she fell asleep.

The End


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